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Explosives & Narcotics Detection

LiquidScan is a unique innovation for the contactless detection of flammable and explosives liquids hidden or concealed in sealed containers, such as plastic or glass bottles or other non-metallic containers, without the violation of safety seals or tapes.

LiquidScan is able to distinguish substances such as petrol, incendiary mixtures, acetone, nitroglycerine, various spirits, ethers and other dangerous liquids from water, soft drinks, alcoholic drinks, diary products etc.

Using a technique called Quaisistatic Electrical Tomography; the system estimates the spatial distribution of electrical properties and characteristics of a liquid irrespective of the size of the container. The electrical properties of a liquid (permittivity and conductivity) determine whether the liquid is either flammable or explosive. The device is completely safe without any radioactive or microwave sources.

Operation could not be easier. Simply place the device against the container, just below the surface level, and press the single button. The green light indicates that the liquid is non- flammable and red that the contents are potentially dangerous.

Applications include; Airports, prisons and customs, security checkpoints, sports and entertainment


2 x AA

110g (with batteries)

135 x 70 x 24mm

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